American Chickens & the AC Institute

American Chickens! magazine was a very small journal published in San Francisco and New York during the early 1990s. It consisted of four pages and a fold-out poster, and was dedicated to whatever the creators were thinking about that day: the actor Julian Sands, dentists, weddings, the board game “Sorry!,” very small things…only 12 issues were produced. Well, 11. The creators forgot to create issue #9. American Chickens! lives on in the form of the AC Institute, dedicated to the further exploration of whatever the creators are thinking about that day.

#1: Julian Sands-tastic

#2: Super-Toother!

#3: SORRY–Luck? Skill? An Inquiry

#4: Boos & Boo-hoos

#5: Death Here's Thy Zine

#6: A Minute Salute

#7: Yahoo For "I Do!"

#8: Bestopotamia

#10: Noontime Treat

#11: Jailbird

#12a (DOUBLE-SIDED!!!): Election Selection–The Right Wing of Chickens!

#12b (DOUBLE-SIDED!!!): Election Selection–The Left Wing of Chickens!

Is Your Baby Dumb?

Is Your Baby Dumb?

The Butterscotch Kids!

The Butterscotch Kids!

Physical Fitness: Do You Have What it Takes?

Physical Fitness: Do You Have What it Takes?