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About Lisa

LISA BROWN is the bestselling author and/or illustrator of a growing number of books for children, teens and new parents, including How to Be, The Latke Who Couldn’t Stop Screaming, and Baby Mix Me a Drink. She sporadically draws the 3 Panel Book Review cartoon for the book section of the
San Francisco Chronicle. Lisa lives in San Francisco, California with her son and her husband, who is rumored to be Lemony Snicket.

Her newest books include Picture the Dead, a Civil War-era illustrated ghost story for young adults written in collaboration with award winning YA author Adele Griffin, and Vampire Boy’s Good Night, a picture book about some little ghouls.

Event Info

Teachers! Librarians! Booksellers!
LISA would be delighted to come visit. She has a variety of presentations both educational and entertaining, and can tailor her talks for any audience, from unruly preschoolers to morbid teenagers to cynical adults. Presentations include but are not limited to: art demonstrations, rants about historical accuracy, reading aloud in a dramatic voice, photos of animals, a sister-in-law making funny faces, 19th century ghost photography, and pictures of 3-year-old Lisa at Halloween.
She was a witch.

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